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The AutoImager software includes the ability to batch resize photos, batch resize pictures, and perform batch image resize functions, both via the extensive command-line support or easy to use interface. A sample of the formats supported for image resizing include AFP, AWD, BMP, DCX, DICOM, EPS, EXIF, FAX, FPX, GIF, IOCA, JBIG, JPG, JPEG 2000, MODCA, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, SCT, SGI, TIFF, TGA, WFX, WPG, and over 100 more graphic file formats! Multi-page images are fully supported by the photo resizer software. The software can resize photos using standard resize or resample operations. Resample produces better quality results in most cases. When resizing, an option is available to "Maintain Aspect Ratio" to keep the aspect between the width and height the same as the original image. Unchecking this box allows you to enter any width and height, regardless of the aspect of the original file. Resizing a batch of images/photos by a percentage is also fully supported. The software's image resizer features are very fast and easy to use. Advanced options are available for those who want to take advantage of them, though they are completely optional, making AutoImager the perfect photo resizer software for users of any experience level. Click here for more information on AutoImager and its image resizer features or download your copy now.


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